Sandra Corrigan Breathnach is an interdisciplinary artist working mainly in Performance Art, her practice includes elements of Sculpture, Drawing, Photography, Video and Sound.

Corrigan-Breathnach Curated a new two day performance art event Somatic Distortion which she developed with the L.S.C. & The Glens Centre in 2019. Recent performances include, Interference' at Sounding Out Derry, 'Through the Eye' at PEPA Madrid, and an 8 hour collaborative performance 'Flux In Flow' with Artist Alastair MacLennan in the Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast, noted by Aidan Dunne as one of the 'Five best art exhibitions to see this week' in the Irish Times.

Other notable performances include, 'Severance' at '60-120 Breaths' in Flax Art Belfast as part of 'Humanism in Process', La Chambre Blanche for Inter le lieu's Rencontre internationale d'art performance (R.i.A.P.) Québec Canada 2018, Pollen Gallery Belfast, The Belfast International Festival of Performance Art (B.I.F.P.A.), Acción Mad 16 XIII Encuentro De Arte De Acción, at the Matadero Madrid.

Following a period of collaboration with artist Alastair MacLennan, MacLennan and Corrigan-Breathnach created their Performance Installation exhibition 'Breath And Blood' in 2018 in the Burren College Gallery, Co. Clare, the exhibition included live performance, drawings, video, sound works and sculpture. Other collaborations include working closely with Artist James King, their 2016 exhibition 'Pollenate' in the Void Gallery Derry, was a combination of live performance, video, animation, photography and sound works.

Corrigan-Breathnach's work has been published in the critically recognised Abridged Magazine. During the Covid -19 pandemic Corrigan-Breathnach has been participating in and editing the online Zoom Bbeyond and BBDB (Bbeyond Derry Branch) performance meets, which can be found on the Bbeyond' s Vimeo Channel.

Corrigan - Breathnach is Co-Chairperson of the performance art organisation Bbeyond Belfast.





The fundamental core of my practice deals with states of phenomenological expression of self and connectivity of the physical and meta-physical. Through this expression my life is given meaning, it is the search for meaning within my life, that has brought my work to its current manifestation. Performance Art allows me to enter an existential plain, where the vein of an innate knowledge as Beings in this world is explored through both live and photographic mediums, culminating in a lexicon of works that seek to communicate, focusing on the narrative between objects and action, with live works incorporating vibrations of sound and energy, developing forms through performance actions and mark making.

The Sculptural forms of my practice are informed by elements within or by being part of a performance. The vein of thoughts threaded through my work bind into formed structure, a partial disclosure, a manifestation of the personal. Intent on transcending ego my work lifts me to a heightened state of communication exploring natural materials as means of expression to connect and open discourse, exploring the temporal tensions in relation to identity, seeking to go beyond the shroud of 'modern life'.