'Vessel' 2015 Photography - Self

'Vessel' - Method and Meaning

The spheres are an embodiment of being in this world, like us they as individuals make part of a greater whole. During their creation negative thoughts resulted in the particular sphere being discarded, which led to only positive thoughts going into the creation of this piece.

The process involved creating the spheres from clay, following a drying period the spheres were placed in a natural fire, surrounded by collected turf, wood and coal ash, walnut shells and willow, this gave rise to each sphere receiving a distinctive patina. Each grouping of roughly around 30 to 50 spheres at a time, took at least two full days of being within the fire.

This piece aims to tap into an innate knowledge that we as Beings can explore using natural materials and method to create a work that seeks to go beyond the shroud of 'modern life'.




Vessel was Exhibited at the Sarah Walker & Catherine Hammond Exhibition - Skibbereen Arts Festival - Cork