Culture Night Galway

The Erratics & Guests,



Organised by Artist Áine Phillips in conjunction with 126 Gallery Galway www.126.ie

Culture Night 2015 - Spanish Arch, Galway

Photography- Marcel Badia



Áine Phillips, Emma Houlihan, Karen Sorensen, Llewyn Maire & Lisa Newman, Noel Arrigan & Brian Loughran, Sandra Corrigan Breathnach, Victoria Furey




This piece explored the natural material of Willow, Willow being healing and powerful, in this case as an adornment to connect with the Meta-physical, seeking to share that energy. Those wishing to interact received a yellow dot on their forehead connecting back to the yellow shells of Duic na Lenamh and their positive energy. Connotations of ritual and the visible semiotic statement of the yellow dot aimed to act as an unspoken connectivity between those that partook and the onlookers of the action.