Alastair MacLennan Sandra Corrigan Breathnach

Burren College Gallery



Born out of working closely together over the past year, 'Breath And Blood' is an exhibition/installation of drawings, video, sound and live art performance, looking at the cyclical nature of life and regeneration that occurs within it, viewing this as a possible aspect of mind, where nurturing growth and new energies, can allow one to expand and renew one's awareness of being.

Carbon, a fundamental building block of life on earth, expressed here in the form of charcoal, transforms through the nature of 'action' a new emerging narrative opening, releasing and creating further fusions allowing forms and perceptions to alter, a temporal drawing unfolding, echoing 'natural' transitions. Duo drawings, evoked using human hair embedded in willow come into being... thereby suggesting further links, with hair holding 'memory' and willow 'emotional healing'...by intertwined, intuitive, flowing action.

The personal becomes a sharing connective element within the objects of the performance and installation, the wood of the Scroll handles coming from wood that has been nurtured by both Artists over time the Birch handles from Alastair MacLennan and the Willow handles and drawing sticks are made from Willow grown by Sandra Corrigan Breathnach with the drawing sticks containing strands of her own hair.


Alastair MacLennan represented Ireland at the Venice Biennale, with inter-media work commemorating the names of all those who died as a result of the Political Troubles in Northern Ireland, from 1969 to then date (1997). During the 1970's and '80s he made some long, non-stop durational performances in Britain, America and Canada, of up to 144 hours each (usually neither eating, nor sleeping, throughout). Subject matter dealt with political, social and cultural malfunction. Since 1975 he's been based in Belfast, Northern Ireland and was a founding member of Belfast's Art and Research Exchange (1978). Since 1975 he's taught at the University of Ulster, Belfast, where for 11 years he ran the Master of Arts (MA) Fine Art programme. Currently he travels extensively in Eastern and Western Europe, Asia, North America and Canada presenting Actuations (performance/installations). Since 1989 he's been a member of the internationally regarded performance art entity, Black Market International, which performs globally. He is presently an Emeritus Professor of Fine Art, from Ulster University, Belfast, Northern Ireland, an Honorary Fellow of the (former) Dartington College of Arts, Devon, England, an Honorary Associate of the (former) National Review of Live Art, Glasgow, Scotland and a founding member (and current board member) of Belfast's Bbeyond Performance Art organisation, formed in 2001.

Sandra Corrigan Breathnach My practice deals with states of phenomenological expression of self and connectivity of the physical and meta-physical. It was the search for meaning within my life, that brought me to performance art, where the vein of an innate knowledge as Beings in this world is explored through both live and photographic mediums, culminating in a lexicon of works that seek to communicate, focusing on the narrative between objects and action. Live works incorporate vibrations of sound and energy, developing forms through performance actions and mark making, exploring natural materials as means of expression to connect and open discourse, exploring the temporal tensions in relation to identity, seeking to go beyond the shroud of 'modern life'. My work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally. I a member of the Performance Art organisation Bbeyond Belfast.


Alastair MacLennan Sandra Corrigan Breathnach Opening Performance Photography Emma Howe